Freedom of information is considered an important human right. The Access to Information Act, 2018 (“ATI”) gives the public the constitutional right of access to information held by public authorities performing a governmental function.

FIU Information Officer

In accordance with Section 7 (1) of the Access to Information Act, 2018, all public bodies are required to designate an information officer whose main responsibility will be to process requests for information from the public. To this effect, the FIU has appointed Ms. Judith Louis as the Information Officer.

How to request for information

In addition to the FIU’s proactive disclosure and extensive efforts to make Information readily accessible to the public online, the Authority releases information to the public on request. These requests should be made in writing to the Information Officer, where it will be considered in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Access to Information Act, 2018.

Pursuant to the ATI, the Information Officer shall endeavor to respond to requests for information within 21 days.

Download Access to Information request form